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06th Feb 2017

Antonio Conte reveals what caused him to absolutely lose it during Arsenal first half

He is a true perfectionist.

Mike Wright

Antonio Conte is not a man who can easily restrain his passions. Especially when he’s on the touchline.

Even in a Premier League with such market leaders in technical area histrionics as Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, he stands out.

His maniacal gesticulations, theatrical overreactions and exuberant celebrations have made watching the Italian almost as compulsive as his team’s table-topping performances.

Saturday’s high-stakes clash against Arsenal was no different. However one moment stood out even against this combustible backdrop when he seemed to absolutely lose his shit in the first half.

Conte was filmed by one fan grabbing assistant first-team coach Angelo Alessio in a fury during one incident and seemingly ordering him to get his angry message over to the players ASAP.

Speaking to Sky Italia Conte explained what exactly it was that provoked such a ferocious reaction.

“When I see something that isn’t going right, I am capable of murdering anyone. I was angry because Kante was supposed to track back in place of Moses, who had gone into the box to mark the sixth Arsenal man on the corner.

“He didn’t do that and I took it out on Alessio. He’s been my right hand man and thus, unfortunately, my victim for many years.”

We have feeling N’Golo Kante will be touch tight for 90 minutes to whoever he’s marking in Chelsea’s next fixture.