Fulham's Antonee Robinson blows teammates away with incredible magic trick 4 weeks ago

Fulham's Antonee Robinson blows teammates away with incredible magic trick

Simply incredible

Pre-season is all about getting back to grips with the basics, building up fitness and bonding with your teammates - whether they're new or old ones.


Nowadays most clubs jet all across the globe to prepare for the long and gruelling competitive calendar, meaning players are often required to find ways to entertain themselves away from the pitch.

Fulham's Antonee Robinson, who goes by the nickname 'Jedi', did exactly that and blew his fellow teammates away with a quite astonishing magic trick.

The trick gets better and better each time you watch it


Robinson shuffled the deck of cards and guessed the number that he was about to pull out by telling a story with the next one that fitted perfectly with the card.

As the full-back told the story, the rest of the squad looked on with anticipation, awaiting the next line of the story.

Explaining how he met a group of girls and tried to get into a casino, but only had a certain amount of money, he would ask members of the squad to cut the deck of cards in half to allow him to reshuffle.

Eventually, he explained that he was asked to cut the deck to give each member he was with a good hand to give them a chance of winning. The result ended up with Robinson revealing a 'flush' (when you have five cards which are all of the same suit).


The squad was left astounded by what they saw and social media was equally as impressed with one of the best magic tricks you will see.

One person revealed that he went to school with the defender and that card tricks weren't his only skill. He tweeted: "Went to school with Jedi, his party trick in school was a front flip throw in with the ball now he’s turned into a magician, good to see him doing well!"


Another person tweeted: "The hidden talents of a Football Player. You better see this, unbelievable…"


A third said: "Naaah, this is outrageous."

Turns out footballers have quite an array of talent away from the pitch these days.

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