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15th Sep 2021

Anthony Taylor forced to change decision after red card howler

Daniel Brown

At least there was some entertainment during the 0-0 draw

Referee Anthony Taylor had a moment to forget on Tuesday night as he mistakenly handed a Dynamo Kyiv player a second yellow card, even though he had not yet been carded.

During the Group E clash between Dynamo Kyiv and Benfica, there was a moment of confusion in the 80th minute when Dynamo midfielder Denys Garmash was shown a yellow and then red card by Taylor.

Garmash was understandably confused and was quick to protest his innocence. Luckily – for both the home side and Garmash – Taylor reversed his decision after realising he had made a mistake.

Despite having refereed in the Premier League for 10 years, 42-year-old Taylor has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks after he sent-off Reece James during Chelsea’s game against Liverpool, when the right-back was judged to have handled the ball on the goal line and in turn, prevented an obvious goalscoring opportunity for the Reds.

Taylor’s decision to give James his marching orders was debated heavily on social media, with Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel less than happy with the decision.

“I don’t know anymore what happens and what does not happen. We were just a bit worried that he was just looking at a photo and the photo gives a clear image that it’s a red card and a penalty,” Tuchel told Sky Sports.

“For me it was too quick, I would have wished for a longer check and to see the whole situation, where it gets deflected.

“I can remember referees explaining to us, if it’s a deflection and it’s not a very unnatural arm position, then it’s not a penalty.”

The decision to show red to James will probably be debated for weeks to come, however, Taylor will more than likely be hoping that, if nothing else, his mistake on Tuesday night will take people’s attention away from his call at Anfield.