Andy Robertson hits back at claims he lacks commitment to Scottish national team 2 years ago

Andy Robertson hits back at claims he lacks commitment to Scottish national team

He was not able to play against Kazakhstan

Andy Robertson has responded to claims that he lacks commitment to the Scotland side after he was forced to pull out of their first Euro 2020 qualifier against Kazakhstan, which they lost 3-0.


The Liverpool defender went to great lengths to make the squad, offering to fly himself out to the game despite needing dental surgery on an abscess. However, he was unable to play and faced criticism for not making the squad.

Responding to claims that he lacks the necessary commitment to the national side, the Scotland captain said: "People are going to have a pop about myself, Callum Paterson, Ryan Fraser and others who pulled out altogether, but we're trying our best to play for our country."

Bournemouth's Fraser and Cardiff's Paterson also missed the game against Kazakhstan, which was played on an astroturf pitch.

"We're desperate to play. I was devastated not to play on Thursday and Liverpool will back that up, because they had to step in and stop me going.

"For Rysie and Cal, it's impossible to play on astroturf. They haven't done it since they were 15 or 16 and when Cal's had such a bad knee injury in the past 18 months, it's medically impossible to turn out on that surface.

"People question whether we want to play for our country, but the three of us have gone from Edinburgh to Bologna then two hours down to the team hotel to play 24 hours later, so there's no doubt we're committed to it."


Robertson explained that sometimes, players must value their fitness first if there is a risk of aggravating existing conditions that could sideline players for a long time.

"Sometimes, the fact is that you need to think of your health. What use is it for Ryan Fraser to try to be a hero for one game then end up out for six months?

"It kills him, it kills Bournemouth, it kills Scotland.

"The team that went out should have been good enough to beat Kazakhstan in my opinion, but we weren't at the races, simple as that. The fallout from it all is something we can't control."

Robertson is still recovering from an operation on his dental abscess, which he was feeling the effects of during Liverpool's win over Fulham last weekend.


"The mouth's as good as it's going to be - it was sore on the flight over to Bologna, which made me realise how bad it might have been if I'd done eight hours to Kazakhstan," he said.

"I had an abscess, so the tooth had to come out, the gum was cut open and I got four or five stitches in it.

"It had to come out within 24 hours of them finding it, because if it had burst and gone into the bloodstream it could have been nasty. I really wanted to be there but it just wasn't possible. I've still got the stitches in but they've settled down.

"Everyone knows what toothache's like. It's one of those dull pains that just won't go away but, right now, I'm as 100 per cent as I can be."


Scotland take on San Marino this afternoon, a game in which they are strong favourites. Robertson, Fraser and Paterson have all returned to the squad.