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27th Feb 2016

Andrea Pirlo’s description of Chelsea’s potential new manager is peak Andrea Pirlo

Never change, Andrea

Robert Redmond

Reason number 1,887 why we love Andrea Pirlo.

The Italian midfield maestro has proved that he’s as classy and imaginative with his words as he is with a ball at his feet.

Pirlo described Italy manager, and the heavy favourite to be the next Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte as “a beast with two wives” – football and his actual wife.

Conte and Pirlo enjoyed a highly successful working relationship together at Juventus, before Conte departed to take charge of the Azurri in 2014.

The New York City midfielder reckons Chelsea will be appointing a man obsessed by football, who is not to be crossed.

“There is a beast in him,” Pirlo said.

“It is a good job Elisabetta is such an understanding wife, and if he takes the Chelsea job then she will have plenty of time to enjoy London, because he has two wives – Elisabetta and football.”

“I love the man, I have nothing but respect and admiration for him.”Juventus FC v AC Milan - Serie A“I know if he takes a job, any job, it will have to be on his terms,” the 36-year-old continued.

“The players he wants to sign, those he wants to get rid of, the style he wants to play. If you sign him as your coach and then as the owner you want to start making ­decisions, he is not the coach for you.”

“If you let him get on with things and do his methods, then you will have a team that plays attractive football and will, without doubt, be successful.”

Pirlo has played under great managers such as Marcello Lippi and Carlo Ancellotti, but reserved special praise for the 46-year-old.

“Conte is a genius. Like all men who possess genius, he is a little mad. The man can be a beast, a dressing room when he is angry is one of the most dangerous places you can be.”