Andre Ward has taken umbrage with Conor McGregor's use of the word "boy" 4 years ago

Andre Ward has taken umbrage with Conor McGregor's use of the word "boy"

Conor McGregor is spending his week attempting to rile up arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter of all time.

But, in his attempts to get under Floyd Mayweather's skin, it would seem like 'The Notorious' has accidentally offended the current pound-for-pound king.


Throughout the week, McGregor's use of the phrase "dance for me, boy" has been viewed by some as racially insensitive.

McGregor first used the term on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, during the first press conference of the current promotional world tour, and despite the social media backlash he received, he used it again on Wednesday night in Toronto.


Mayweather has insisted that he is not bothered by the remarks although he has suggested that they are proof that "racism still exists."

Andre Ward has not taken kindly to the term and said as much to TMZ on Thursday.

"I don't like that 'Boy' word," Ward said. "I don't like that.


"The only problem with that is he's got to back that up.

"The thing about boxing is that you've got a date and Conor's got to see Floyd."

Ward went on to say he would welcome the challenge of a crossover UFC star, depending on the name, but we reckon the undefeated light heavyweight is a touch too big for McGregor so don't expect this particular difference to be settled in the ring.