There has been a positive and heartening update on Alex Ferguson's condition 4 years ago

There has been a positive and heartening update on Alex Ferguson's condition

He didn't want to be missing out on all the football

The football world has come together over the past 48 hours, since word emerged of Alex Ferguson's emergency procedure at a Salford hospital following his brain haemorrhage, to offer their support and prayers to a man who has dedicated his life to the game.


On Saturday evening, Manchester United announced that their former, long-time manager had suffered the haemorrhage. 'The procedure has gone very well,' they stated, 'but he needs a period of intensive care to aid his recovery. His family request privacy in this matter.'

That request has been widely followed and it has been left to the men that played for and against him, as well as managers and football fans, to pay their own dues.

In an interview with MUTV, Michael Carrick said:


"I was devastated. I got a text on Saturday evening and I couldn’t quite believe it. It didn’t really sink in. I was just devastated....

"It was a tough night on Saturday and we were waiting for some positive news. We were all praying for him and thinking of him, Cathy and the family. It’s a tough time for everyone but I’m thinking positive and hoping he will pull through."

There has now been that positive update and it will come as a great relief to so many.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the Scot is awake and talking to family members. 'While there was no official update on his condition yesterday', writes James Tozer, 'friends said he had been ‘sitting up talking and asking about his results’ two days after emergency brain surgery.'


Having lived and breathed football for the past seven decades, it is heartening to hear Ferguson is still battling away and wondering about his own results.