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06th Nov 2018

Aldershot midfielder ruled out for months after sustaining Ribena related injury

Injuries are, on the whole, not a laughing matter. They can ruin injuries. However, when a Ribena bottle is involved, you can't help but laugh

Reuben Pinder

This week in bizarre injury news

Injuries are the bane of an athlete’s life. They can ruin careers, prevent talented individuals from competing at the pinnacle of their sport, and cause not only physical but mental distress.

All things considered, injuries are something we never like to see. However, on occasion, they can be very funny, due to the circumstances in which they are sustained. That brings me nicely onto the news that Aldershot Town midfielder James Rowe has been sidelined for several months after picking up a Ribena related injury.

Rowe has ruled himself out of action for the foreseeable future after he dropped a bottle of Ribena that shattered upon hitting the floor. Rowe then trod on the broken glass, injuring his foot.

“James is a long-term one and he’s nowhere near coming back at the moment,” Aldershot assistant manager James Rowe explained. “It was a freak accident at home unfortunately, I believe. It’s going to be months rather than weeks he’s out for. It’s hopefully not going to be [the rest of the season] but it is a serious one.”

As previously mentioned, injuries are not usually a laughing matter, but one cannot help but laugh at the sheer peculiarity of this one.

Imagine the conversation between player and manager after the incident occurred.

If we can learn anything from this story, it’s that footballers are just like everyone else. They too have all the mundane responsibilities like walking the dog, washing the car, and they too occasionally drop glass objects in the kitchen. It’s just that the consequences are much more severe.