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18th Jan 2016

AC Milan to take ’28-year-old’ player to court for fraud after he claimed he was 19


Robert Redmond

AC Milan are to take a 19-year-old player to court for fraud after it has been alleged he might really be 28, according to reports in Italy.

Yusupha Yaffa signed for the Serie A club in 2013, and the Gambian featured in the youth side.

The youngster/veteran currently plays for German side MSV Duisburg, but will reportedly be summoned to court in Italy to answer charges of fraud.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Yaffa claimed he lost his personal documents when he arrived at the Immigration office in Italy back in 2009. At the time, the footballer was aged either 13 or 22.

He claims he was born on December 31st 1996 and not November 14th 1987, and the defence are reportedly seeking for the trial to be held in juvenile court.

The Italian media outlet also report a number of former Milan coaches, including Filippo Inzaghi, will be present at the trial as they’ve been cited as witnesses to defend Yaffa.

If he turns out he is 28, Yaffa deserves some credit at least for duping one of the world’s biggest football clubs, but we doubt that’ll be much defence during the trial.


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