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08th Jan 2017

A new Kloppelgänger was spotted in the crowd at Liverpool vs Plymouth

Klopptical illusion.

Tom Victor

By now, we’re all familiar with Jürgen Klopp’s time-travelling expertise.

During a pre-season encounter, we saw two alternate versions of the Liverpool manager in the form of fitness coach Andreas Kornmayer and a bespectacled Lucas.

But now another Klopp doppelgänger – or Kloppelgänger, if you prefer – has emerged.

During the Reds’ goalless draw with Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup, this chap was spotted in the Anfield crowd.

Now, this feels like a chicken-and-egg situation. Did the man above model his look on Klopp, or did the German manager decide to take over at Liverpool because he saw so many people like himself when he came to Merseyside for an interview?

What next? Chelsea fans getting hair transplants? Manchester City supporters spending all of their disposable income on fancy jumpers? Manchester United supporters dressing like this?