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14th Jul 2018

A Belgian TV maker is giving out thousands of refunds after Eden Hazard’s goal today

Wayne Farry

They may now be regretting making the offer in the first place

A Belgian electronics company has vowed to give refunds to thousands of customers today after Eden Hazard’s goal in his country’s 2-0 World Cup third place play-off victory over England.

Krefel, which was founded in 1958 and whose operating office is based in the Belgian town of Humbeek, earlier made what turned out to be a somewhat misjudged vow by telling customers that they would give refunds if the Belgian national team succeeded in scoring more than 15 goals in the tournament.

Prior to their match with England on Saturday, their goal tally stood at 14, meaning that two more were needed for the refunds to be handed out. Unfortunately for the company, that’s exactly what happened.

Belgium’s first goal came courtesy of PSG full-back Thomas Meunier, who made it 15 goals, before Chelsea forward Hazard made it 16.

CEO of Krefel, Pascal Poulet, said prior to the match that the offer was only natural given the company’s patriotism and their optimism for the Red Devils to succeed.

He also confirmed that all customers who had purchased televisions of 55 inches or more would be able to register to receive a full refund.

There was no specification on when the televisions needed to have been bought, so if you somehow have a Krefel TV that’s bigger than 55 inches, you might as well try and get yourself a refund.