Know Thy Nuts: Why you should get to know your testicles 6 months ago

Know Thy Nuts: Why you should get to know your testicles

Testicular cancer remains the number one cancer among young men

This fact is a common enough one, but commonality does not mean something is being acted upon, and in this instance that is very much the case.


A 2019 study of 2,500 men conducted by YouGov found that over half (62 percent) of men in the at-risk age of 18 to 34 years old didn't know how to properly perform a testicular self-examination.

This means getting to know your balls. What they look like, what they feel like, and, crucially, what is normal for you downstairs.

If detected early, most cases of testicular cancer result in a positive outcome. But that early detection is important, and early detection comes from knowing what you're looking for.

Testicular cancer can present as a lump or pain, an increase in size or a change in how your testicle feels – but these symptoms can be vague and might not be the same for everyone. ​So best to check them.

First off, you want to get in the shower. Why? Because showers are great, but also, they make this sort of thing a lot easier to do.

Once you're in there, carefully and gently roll one testicle at a time between your thumb and fingers, taking your time and getting a feel for what feels normal and what doesn't.


Do this every month or so, and if something doesn't feel right, head to the doctors to get it checked out.

Men who had undescended testes at birth, or those with a relative who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer are at a higher risk, so need to take extra care and self-examine perhaps a bit more regularly.

A lot of lumps are not cancerous, but in the unlikely event you do receive a testicular cancer diagnosis, Movember has your back, and Nuts & Bolts, an online hub co-designed with men who have been through testicular cancer, gives you the tools to tackle testicular cancer.

This April, #KnowThyNuts for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. You can find out more at