Influencer responds after backlash over photoshoot at her dad's funeral 2 months ago

Influencer responds after backlash over photoshoot at her dad's funeral

The influencer has since deleted her Instagram account

The influencer who posed in front of her late father's open casket has defended her actions, stating there is "nothing wrong" with what she did.


Jayne Rivera, 20, who has since deleted her Instagram account, posted images of her father's open casket where she is seen posing as if for a photo shoot.

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Speaking to NBC News, Rivera said that she "understood" the bad reception but the photos were taken "with the best intentions in a manner my father would have approved with had he still been alive".

She said: "Everyone handles the loss of a loved one in their own ways; some are more traditional while others might come across as taboo.

"For me, I treated the celebration as if my father was right next to me, posing for the camera as he had done on many occasions prior."


She concluded with: "There is nothing wrong with what I posted, and I stand by that."

Posting eight pictures in total, people were quick to say that she was treating her father's funeral like a fashion shoot. In one image the influencer is smiling, while in another she is looking over her shoulder as if caught by surprise. In a third image, her hands are clasped together in prayer.


In the background of the shots, her father's open coffin is seen with an American flag draped over it.

“Hi, my name is Jayne Rivera and I like taking photo shoots during my dad’s funeral. Yup, that’s him in the casket.”
She’s posted EIGHT photos on Instagram in various poses," wrote one disgruntled Twitter user.


But not everyone is hating on the influencer, with one fan writing: "This is a Jayne Rivera Stan account now. My condolences to her and her family."

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