Human ashes can now be turned into a bath bomb that dissolves in minutes 2 weeks ago

Human ashes can now be turned into a bath bomb that dissolves in minutes

You can't get it wet though, for obvious reasons

A funeral director has taken to TikTok to reveal an innovative new way of disposing of your loved one's ashes when the pass - by transforming them into a biodegradable bath bomb.


Posting under the handle @funeraldirector07, the user talks viewers through their latest product, the 'Eco Sphere Salt Urn'. 100 per cent biodegradable, this white, spherical urn looks very much like a giant version of the bath bombs you'd typically find at highstreet cosmetics store Lush - and dissolves in less than five minutes, apparently.

The product is designed for those who fancy a water burial or would like to have their ashes spread at sea.

Watch the video below:

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Apparently, it's not that uncommon either. There's even a company named Urns for Water Burial that specialise in transforming human ashes into a variety of giant dissolvable and biodegradable 'bath bomb' urns.


UK laws make this simple to do as well; people don't need a license to scatter someone's ashes at sea or into the ocean from the water's edge. While most water urns dissolve relatively quickly, salt urns can take a bit longer, sinking to the bottom of the ocean before gradually disappearing over time.

While it's certainly a erm - different - option for laying your loved ones to rest, people in @funeraldirector07's comments were divided:

"I can be salty one last time," quipped one user.

"Coming to lush next fall, grandma" joked another.

Meanwhile, others had more practical questions, like: "Can you make tiny ones so bath bombs can be given out at my funeral like little party favors?"


It's a fair point.

Others considered this to be a fitting send off for people looking to go out in style, as one user shared: "So cool! I have a hospice patient that would really like this. We're going over his end-of-life wish-list now."

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