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28th Aug 2023

People call for ‘no-kids flights’ after child keeps plane awake with glow-in-the-dark costume

Steve Hopkins

‘This is why we need the option for a no-kids flight when booking’

Flying, for most people, is an unpleasant experience.

There’s not enough legroom. The food isn’t great. You’ve probably seen all the movies already.

And then there are the other passengers.

The lottery of the seats can really make a bad flight, so much worse.

Then throw kids into that mix and long-haul flights. They’re a nightmarish challenge for parents and passengers alike.

A picture has now emerged on social media re-igniting calls for child-free flights. It shows a toddler on a flight where the lights have been turned off so passengers can sleep.

Well, they could, if the child wasn’t wearing a fluffy rabbit onesie which lights up when the ears are pulled. Naturally, the airs were being pulled, illuminating half the cabin.

This outfit left other passengers on the flight less than impressed as people tried to get some sleep, only for the outfit to keep them awake.

One person commented: “This is why we need the option for a no-kids flight when booking.”

Another joked, “Where’s the Karen when you need one?”

A third said they were “sick of people who don’t control their children on public space”.

Another commenter suggested it wasn’t a responsible outfit to wear on a plane: “May cause an epileptic to have seizures, so it’s not cute. Educate yourself and your kids. The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

“Forget people being sick, it’s just plain rude. If the lights are off I imagine it’s a night flight, considering it’s a small plane it’s probably a domestic flight as well meaning some people are going to want to catch up on some sleep. A lack of both respect and education,” another commenter added.

In August last year, an American woman went viral after calling for child-free flights having posted a TikTok with a kid screaming repeatedly during her three-hour flight.

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