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30th Jun 2023

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 353

Charlie Herbert

JOE friday pub quiz week 353

Time to Bazball another quiz

For those of you who don’t follow cricket, let me try and put what is happening at the moment in the Ashes into some quizzing context for you.

Normally on this quiz, I’d imagine most of you will read the question, then read all three answers. Then, if you know it, you’ll pick an answer immediately. If you’re not sure, you’ll take a moment to think, see whether the answer is somewhere in a corner of your brain, and take an educated guess. You’d use logic, reason, common sense.

The Bazball approach would be to read the question, and then go with the first answer you see that you feel is right in your gut. You’d probably finish the quiz in 30 seconds.

Get most of the questions right, you’d look like a genius and people would be telling you to go on The Chase and give the Beast a run for his money. Get most of them wrong, you’d look like a spanner.

So that’s what’s happening in cricket right now. Every day. Every hour. Every ball.

And if that analogy hasn’t got you intrigued by what’s happening in the Ashes, nothing will.

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