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09th Jun 2023

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: week 350

Charlie Herbert

JOE Friday Pub Quiz week 350

It’s another milestone for the pub quiz

350 quizzes. Jeezy peeps.

What an institution we’ve built here. I bet all those years ago the founding fathers of this fine quiz didn’t reckon it would rack up 350 editions.

But as long as Fridays keep coming round and you lot still have a thirst for knowledge and proving to your mates how clever you are, this quiz will keep chugging on.

So thank you for making this (unofficially) the biggest and longest-running pub quiz on the internet.

Roll on number 400 I say.

This week, we’ve got a round on double acts (in honour of the demise of one particular double act in recent days), and a round on rock and alternative albums from the 2000s that should get you in the festival spirit.


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