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26th Feb 2021

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 232

Thank you to the two people who sent in suggestions for rounds in the pub quiz, I have not done either of them, but hopefully you enjoy our 232rd quiz

Reuben Pinder

Thank you to the people who sent in suggestions

It’s nice to know some of you read the intros, even if the suggestions were, to be kind, subpar.

One suggestion was that I drop the sport round entirely, which is simply not an option. Though, this week, I have tried to make the sport round more accessible.

Another was to do an entire round just on cows. A tad niche for the JOE Pub Quiz but again, I took inspiration from the idea and have done a round on farmyard animals this week, for all the fowl enthusiasts and parents who have accidentally learned everything about cows and pigs.

The final suggestion was to do a round on Irish Garden Birds. Again, probably not broad enough for everyone to enjoy but animals seem to be popular, so I’ll bear this in mind moving forward.

Enjoy this week’s quiz.

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