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16th Aug 2019

QUIZ: Name the Rick & Morty character (Part 2)

Kyle Picknell

Full disclosure, one quiz simply wasn’t enough

As you will no doubt know, we have already done a ‘name the Rick & Morty character’ quiz at JOE. You might, might have even taken it yesterday. If you did, well done. Hats off. If you didn’t… what the fuck are you playing at? Here it is. Take it. Then come back. I’ll be waiting.

Lots of people did the quiz and, fair play, some of you got full marks. As a result of this, and there simply being too many good Rick & Morty characters to leave out, I’ve done it all over again with a fresh new batch out the oven.

It’s once again out of 21 so add it to your score from the first round to get a grand total out of 42. Why 42? Just to make it awkward for you to work out your final mark as a percentage. That’s all. Or just use a calculator. I literally don’t care. I couldn’t care less.

Enough preamble, show me what you got.

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