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16th Apr 2018

QUIZ: Guess the famous actor from their childhood photos

Actors so good they acted like babies when they were born

Ciara Knight

Actors so good they acted like babies for the first few years of their lives.

I was asleep last night, my Fitbit tells me that I was in a very deep sleep at the time, when I woke suddenly in a cold sweat.

“WHAT DID KEANU REEVES LOOK LIKE AS A BABY?”, I shouted. The entire house was rudely awoken by my entirely reasonable but potentially ill-timed inquiry.

After a quick Google consultation, my mind was put at ease. Keanu Reeves, as a baby, looked like a baby.

I returned to my slumber and slept soundly until the morning, safe in the knowledge that celebrities, specifically actors, are just like you and I.

Anyway, enjoy the quiz.