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08th Oct 2019

QUIZ: Can you identify the correct logo?

Ciara Knight

Logos, am I right?

In the not too distant future, I am confident we will all contain a logo. Brands will pay us money to advertise for them and in return, they get endless exposure to our friends, family and colleagues.

With just a simple tattoo on your face, the process will be complete. Once the contracts are finalised, a brand will technically own you. Influencers will become obsolete and sponsored content will be a thing of the past. In essence, we will be free, aside from the fact that we actually won’t be at all.

But enough about the absolute certainties of the future. That’s a discussion for another day. Today’s challenge is to see how well you can recognise brand logos.

Fifteen questions stand before you, all you need to do is identify the correct logo. Be warned, this is quite hard.

Good luck!