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02nd Jul 2018

Personality Test: Which Love Island contestant is your type on paper?

Only peng sorts allowed

Ciara Knight

Only peng sorts allowed.

Look, we’re all watching Love Island. It has consumed our every waking thought. It has taken over our evenings between the hours of 9pm to 10pm. We have WhatsApp groups. We have dedicated meme pages. This is it. We are living in the golden age.

But do you ever wonder which islander you’d couple up with in the villa? Who you’d like to sleep in a sweaty Mallorcan bed with? Nag to make you a cup of tea in the mornings? Yeah? Same.

Well fret no more as I have devised a highly accurate quiz that will reveal your most suitable lover, aka, your type on paper.

Disclaimer: The algorithm wasn’t playing ball so your result could be male or female. Anyway, who cares, it’s 2018.

Good luck!