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17th Jul 2019

QUIZ: Can you identify the correct spelling of these brand names?

Ciara Knight

Brands, am I right?

Some brands take liberties with the spelling of their names. It’s a tough stance that I’m willing to take.

For example, the spelling of ‘Froot Loops’ and ‘Tumblr’ are the workings of an absolute madman (or madwoman).

Every day we’re exposed to bajillions of brand logos, which generally come as a welcome distraction from our impending mortality.

But how closely are you paying attention to these brand names? Are you a big idiot who goes around failing to notice if there’s a hyphen in Rolls-Royce or an apostrophe in Colman’s?

Test your knowledge of these popular brands with this infuriatingly-tricky quiz.

Score 10/10 and you’re a verified legend when it comes to brand awareness. It’s a niche area, but one that’s sure to pad out your CV.

Good luck!