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03rd Aug 2020

QUIZ: Can you identify these Friends episodes from just one screen shot?

Wil Jones

The One Where You Do Yet Another Quiz

A recent study has revealed that people born between 1984 and 1996 have, on average, spent approximately 36% of their lifetime watching reruns of Friends.

Whether that be on Netflix, Comedy Central, Channel 5, E4, or even on VHS, you have almost definitely spent a large proportion of your waking hours watching six attractive New Yorkers hanging out in a massive flat that there is no way they could afford today.

Only thing is, that time has not been as waste. It has been useful practice, preparing you for the quiz you are about to take.

It is a quiz so simple that even Joey Tribbiani could understand it. We will show you a screenshot of an episode of Friends, and you just have to tell us what episode it is from. Easy, right?

Let’s get started.

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