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09th Nov 2018

QUIZ: Can you identify the 90s TV show from a single image?

Just take the quiz, yeah? Cheers.

Ciara Knight

The 90s, am I right?

What a time to be alive, back when we had exciting things do such as climbing trees, begging our parents to buy Sunny D, having a go on the Playstation One and honestly not a lot else going aside from that and watching 90s TV.

Still, we did the best we could and we all turned out to be pretty decent people with the exception of a few that didn’t quite grow out of their bullshit and honestly probably never will.

Anway, 90s TV was the golden age for entertainment. We only had three television channels but by golly did we get our money’s worth, running that magic box from morning to night, until smoke came out of it.

What do you remember from it, though? Can you even name a 90s TV show now, you big idiot? Probably not. Smdh.

Test your knowledge of the days of yore with this fun and nostalgic quiz.

Good luck!