Trump supporters storm US capitol in Washington DC, attacking police 1 year ago

Trump supporters storm US capitol in Washington DC, attacking police

Protestors clashed with police and set off fire extinguishers inside the building

Pro-Trump supporters have stormed the US capitol in Washington DC, attacking police and security guards in the process.


The US Congress is currently adjourned from verifying Electoral College votes - where it is expected to reaffirm Joe Biden as President-Elect of the United States.

Since Joe Biden was projected winner of the US presidential election on November 7th, incumbent President Donald Trump (and his supporters) have doubted the legitimacy of the election. No evidence of wrongdoing has ever been uncovered, but it is a claim they persist with today.

Earlier today, pro-Trump supporters began their descent on the US capitol with a 'March for Trump' / 'Save America' rally held outside the building. Trump himself spoke at this event.

Later on in the day, Trump supporters stormed the US capitol on their way to the White House. They clashed with police and security guards, even setting off fire extinguishers while inside the building.


The BBC's New York correspondent said he'd been reporting on US politics since the 1990s, but, regarding today's developments, "I have never seen anything even close to this. This is tragic to watch."


Both Vice President Mike Pence and Senate leader Mitch McConnell were pressured by Donald Trump to defy the outcome of the election. Both refused.

The attack on the US capitol comes amidst a key battle in the race for control of the US Senate.

Democrat Raphael Warnock is projected to win a seat in the Senate election, with colleague Jon Ossoff also in the running.

If both Democratic nominees are successful, it would shift power in the Senate to the Democrats - a massive victory for President-Elect Joe Biden.


Trump has distanced himself from the violence, though Republican senator and former Presidential nominee Mitt Romney told the New York Times Trump had incited this "insurrection".