Man goes 'undercover as a racist' at an EDL march and absolutely rinses them 4 years ago

Man goes 'undercover as a racist' at an EDL march and absolutely rinses them

The police asked him to move on

A man has absolutely rinsed members of the EDL at one of their marches.


Under the pretence of spending "24 hours undercover as a racist," Nikolas Omilana went to an EDL demonstration in Telford on May 12.

He created a fake YouTube channel called EDL TV, joined a Facebook event for the march and met up with a white bloke called Dean for additional EDL credibility.

Niko and Dean on their way to Telford (Credit: Niko Omilana)

Wearing t shirts emblazoned with "EDL FOREVER" and a photoshop of their faces over a St George's cross, Dean and Nikolas set about trolling members of the EDL.

One woman said: "They need to get them all off our streets, they're our streets, they're taking our wages, they're taking the lot."

Nikolas asked her if they took her teeth as well, she replied: "Yes they did."


This is the woman (Credit: Niko Omilana)

Sometimes Nikolas just called people there "schmuck", sometimes he manufactured statistics, like that "95 per cent of Muslims want to take over the UK," and asked march attendees about the fake information, which they condemned, before telling them he had made it up.

He even managed to get on one of the protestor's Facebook Live stream before the police intervened.


A police liaison officer said: "There are people here that think you are satirising what they are here and what they are about.

"That potentially poses a threat to you and it could be contagious, in as much as if someone has a pop at you then we could be dealing with disorder between you and whoever.

"And in this kind of environment..."


Watch the whole thing in glorious 720p that only YouTube can deliver.