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16th Nov 2018

UKIP Downing Street protest attendance peaks at four people

Patrick O'Flynn' declared a 'morning picket' on Twitter, but only he and Suzanne Evans turned up

Oli Dugmore

Patrick O’Flynn’ declared a ‘morning picket’ on Twitter, but only he and Suzanne Evans turned up

UKIP aren’t a joke, okay. They are not a joke. They are a serious political force capable of mustering at least four people on short notice to protest Brexit sellouts. At least.

That’s what happened this morning outside Downing Street, after Patrick O’Flynn, UKIP MEP for the East of England, tweeted saying he was organising a “morning picket” to protest Theresa May’s draft Brexit agreement from 10am.

“Impromptu” yes, “big, set-piece” no. I think Patrick needs a bit more help with the organisation.

Suzanne Evans attended with O’Flynn, holding an umbrella.

Rachael Venables, an LBC breakfast reporter, was there. Reporting on the demonstration. And its massive, massive size.

So momentous was the demo that James O’Brien said he would be covering it live on his radio show.

Without Nigel Farage UKIP continue to fade into the political hinterlands.