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31st Aug 2019

‘Stop The Coup’ protestors shut down Downing Street

Wayne Farry

The protest has been dubbed ‘Stop The Coup’

Protesters shut down Downing Street as they took to the streets to vent their anger over Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament, a move considered by many as a way to shut down dissenters and force through a no deal Brexit.

Questions have been raised over the ethics of Johnson’s decision, with a number of key figures labelling his move as a sign of dictatorship, and some claiming that it is the beginning of the end for democracy in the United Kingdom.

On Saturday, thousands took to the street to let their anger be known, including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Speaking to JOE at the protest, McDonnell touched upon the references to Johnson acting like a dictator.

“When someone tries to close down parliament for their own political objectives, that’s dictatorship,” said McDonnell.