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14th Jan 2022

People should ‘move on’ from No 10 party scandal, says Liz Truss

Kieran Galpin

Liz Truss

Truss still has trust- but do the British public?

The UK’s foreign secretary Liz Truss has urged people to “move on” from the ongoing scandal surrounding god-knows how many Downing Street parties- seriously, how many more are yet to be revealed?

With calls for Boris Johnson’s resignation ringing throughout the UK, the latest scandal points to two parties being held the night before the Queen sat alone at Prince Phillip’s funeral.


But the foreign secretary has said Johnson’s so-called apology during this week’s PMQs should be enough to draw a line under the issue.

She said: “The prime minister apologised on Wednesday. He was very clear that mistakes have been made.”

In her statement, Truss chose to instead focus on the positives of the PM, stating that: “I do think we need to look at the overall position we’re in as a country: the fact that he has delivered Brexit, that we are recovering from Covid – we’ve got one of the fastest-growing economies now in the G7 and we’re delivering the booster programme.”

She added: “He has apologised, I think we now need to move on and talk about how we are going to sort out issues.”

But she perhaps forgets that a large portion of the British public believe Johnson is the issue Truss speaks of- and they want him gone.

She urged people to “wait for the results of the Sue Gray inquiry” which seems familiar but we can’t place our finger on where we have heard it before. Oh, wait, Johnson himself said that statement again, and again, and once more for effect during the PMQs.

She continued: “I completely understand people’s anger and dismay about what has happened. The prime minister apologised to the House on Wednesday – I 100 per cent support him to continue getting on with the job.”

Andrew Bridgen, a leading Conservative backbencher, submitted a letter to Sir Graham Brady calling for a vote of no confidence. He is one of thirty MPs who have written to Brady, and a total of 54 is needed to trigger a vote.

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