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25th Sep 2019

Parliament returns for first time after prorogation decision

Wayne Farry

We regret to inform you that the politicians are at it again

Parliament is back, baby. After the supreme court decided that Boris Johnson’s prorogation was unlawful, members of the House of Commons were forced to rush from lounging on beaches not thinking about Brexit¬†working studiously back in their constituency offices¬†back to parliament.

And that can only mean one thing: arguing about Boris Johnson’s behaviour and Brexit in general.

On day one of parliament’s return we have enjoyed Anna Soubry referring to Michael Gove “a blue tit”.

We had House speaker John Bercow welcoming his loving colleagues back to the fold.

The attorney general ensured that politics remained extremely normal and referred to the parliament as a “dead parliament”.

And last but not least we saw Barry Sherman do this. Just watch it. Any words cannot do it justice.