MP steps down after 'peeing into coffee cup' during Zoom meeting 1 year ago

MP steps down after 'peeing into coffee cup' during Zoom meeting

Would you believe it's the second time in just a matter of weeks that he's exposed himself during a governmental Zoom meeting?

A Canadian MP has said that he will be "stepping aside temporarily to seek assistance" after his colleagues saw him urinating during a virtual House of Commons meeting.


William Amos reportedly relieved himself into a coffee cup, making it the second time in just a few weeks that he has been involved in an embarrassing incident like this. During a call in April, Amos stripped naked after returning from a run.

The member of Canadian Parliament insists that both incidents were accidental and that he is "deeply embarrassed."

According to the MailOnline, Amos said: "While accidental and not visible to the public, this was completely unacceptable, and I apologize unreservedly.


"I will be stepping aside temporarily from my roles as Parliamentary Secretary and from my committee duties so that I can seek assistance."

The father of two didn't go into any further details about the type of help he is looking to get or how long he will be stepping away from his political duties for.


Amos is a member of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party.

Unlike his first flashing incident though, no footage has emerged of this particular embarrassment. However two Canadian reporters tweeted on Friday morning that they had confirmed with sources that Amos peed into a cup.

I mean, we've all had our struggles with Zoom over the year or so. But come on mate. Flashing twice on camera in the space of a few weeks? How has he not yet worked out how to turn his camera off?!