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23rd May 2019

Joey Barton says milkshaking of politicians will soon become ‘petrol bombs’

I feel like we're going the other way son

Oli Dugmore

I feel like we’re going the other way son

Cable Street. The Battle of Lewisham. World War Two.

In Britain, in the not too distant past, fascism was met with violence.

It is with no small hint of irony the UK’s far-right now often invoke the blitz spirit, a collective solidarity to face down intolerance and hate no matter the personal cost.

Since, things have mellowed out a bit. The blackshirts and the National Front and the Nazis are not as obvious in our politics.

There is still the fringe, though, and now they’re met with milkshakes.

Maybe that’s a sign of our collapsing discourse and dialogue. Maybe it’s a sign that reprehensible political ideas are recognised as such, laughed at and mocked with milk.

So, for me, it was a little funny to see Joey Barton suggest that the fast food bevs would soon become bricks and petrol bombs.

To be honest Joey I think this country is going in the opposite direction, and that can only be a good thing.