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24th Sep 2019

David Lammy calls on Boris Johnson to resign

'This is a monumental clustermuck, this is outrageous'

Oli Dugmore

‘This is a monumental clustermuck, this is outrageous’

The supreme court has unanimously ruled that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament was “unlawful.”

The prime minister responded by saying that the court was trying to “frustrate” Brexit. A new take, given he was previously insistent the prorogation had nothing to do with Brexit.

“It’s huge. This is 11 of the most senior judges unanimously concluding that he lied to the Queen,” said Lammy to JOE during the 2019 Labour conference in Brighton.

“That his intention was to stop parliament scrutinising what he was up to with heading towards a no deal Brexit. That he shut the doors and that basically that was unlawful.”

The decision of the supreme court now means that parliament will return as early as tomorrow, with House of Commons speaker John Bercow confirming that proceedings will begin at 11.30am.