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26th Sep 2019

Boris Johnson labeled a ‘disgrace’ after Jo Cox comments in parliament

Wayne Farry

Johnson referred to the late MP during a heated exchange in parliament

The prime minister Boris Johnson has been heavily criticised for comments made in the House of Commons on the first day of parliamentary proceedings since the supreme court deemed his prorogation of the House unlawful.

As the day wore on, the language within the House became increasingly incendiary – with Johnson referring to the decision to stop his suspension of parliament as “the surrender act”, the “capitulation act” and insisting that his parliamentary colleagues had “betrayed” the people.

This language led to a number of MPS criticising Johnson, and calling upon the prime minister to moderate his language at a time when MPs are reporting a rise in abuse and death threats.

One such MP is Paula Sherriff, a friend of Jo Cox, who asked Boris Johnson to stop using “dangerous” language.

Johnson’s response to this was to refer to it as “humbug”, but it was his response to another Labour MP, Tracy Brabin – who became MP for Batley and Spen following Jo Cox’s assassination – that provoked the most scorn.

After once again being urged to tone down his inflammatory language, Boris responded that the best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox is “to get Brexit done”.

Johnson was swiftly criticised by figures across the political spectrum for his comments. Jo Swinson, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, called him a “disgrace”.

Amber Rudd, who was formerly a member of his cabinet before stepping down earlier this month, called his comments “dishonest and dangerous”.