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13th May 2019

Bereaved mothers, a former gang member and a copper of 30 years sit down to discuss youth violence

Oli Dugmore is joined by a panel to discuss the UK's knife crime epidemic in front of a live audience of teachers, youth workers, and bereaved families

Reuben Pinder

Last year police logged 40,829 offences involving a knife or sharp object in England and Wales – the highest level since records began

Is the knife crime and youth violence of 2019 any different to what the UK has seen in centuries past? Should police officers be doing a better job or are they hamstrung by budget cuts? What hope is there of preventing children from being murdered on Britain’s streets?

Oli Dugmore is joined by Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, Omar Inspires, a former gang member, and Elaine Donn, co-founder of Operation Shutdown, to see what answers, if any, can be found to these questions.

From central London pub The Harlequin, a live audience of teachers, youth workers and bereaved families put them to the panel.