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22nd Jul 2021

You turn on this lamp by peeling back it’s rubber ‘foreskin’

Kieran Galpin

Penis Lamp

This lustful lamp just hit the market

I have often lay in the darkness of night and needed a sudden spurt of light into the room. Too often my regular lamps is not quite satisfying enough, their switches so mundane and boring.

But now, after coming across an invention online, my lighting nightmares are over! Introducing the ‘Love in light’, which, yes, does deliberately look like an uncircumcised penis.

“Monsby is a long and exciting story about the limited edition design, art and other things could express the ideas I had been collecting for more than 10 years,” reads their website.

Made from ‘Fabric, biodegradable plastics, wood, [and] aluminium’, this revolutionary way of lighting a room has received quite a bit of attention on social media. By pulling the fabric ‘sheath’ down, the light itself is switched on and erected into prominence, meaning that your room gets an explosion of light.

Though many of you may consider buying a friend this as a joke or perhaps a partner for an upcoming anniversary, you might want to reconsider after seeing the price tag.

It will cost you a staggering £3,500 to bag yourself one of these limited edition phallic lamps.

“It is about love, light and life. The most meaningful and optimistic lamp ever,” reads the website.

If Monsby’s latest creation is not enough for you, you can also purchase their NFT through the Foundation app. Similarly to the light itself, an NFT from Monsby will set you back 5.00 ETH, equating to roughly $9,840, or just over £7k.

If you happen to be super-rich and are looking for something to go alongside your ‘Love in Light’, Monsby will also launch other products in the future.

Currently, their website has a blurred image of something called a “Butterfly’s flap”, which doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination. This future piece will be priced at the more affordable price point of £1,000.