You can now get a tattoo and avoid regrets with new 'made-to-fade' ink 3 months ago

You can now get a tattoo and avoid regrets with new 'made-to-fade' ink

So long, dodgy tats

Tattoo regret may soon be a thing of the past thanks to an innovative new ink that allows designs to naturally fade from your body over time - eventually disappearing completely within a year.


Shooting to fame via Ephemeral Tattoo - a tattoo parlour in Brooklyn, New York with a second outlet in Los Angeles, California - new made-to-fade ink allows customers to get a design etched onto their body that's guaranteed to fade between nine and and 15 months.

This new tattoo tech could be a game-changer, especially for those who are eager to get inked but concerned about their tastes or opinions changing further down the line.

Trademarked by Ephemeral Tattoo Studios, this bespoke ink was created by chemical engineers and uses medical-grade, biocompatible materials that the body can naturally process and break down over time.


“It helps for people who are trying to segue either into getting traditional tattoos or who are just on the fence about tattoos in general," explained Aja-Noelle, a tattoo artist who works in Ephemeral's LA branch, whilst speaking to US news outlet 7KBZK.

“I think that the tattoo industry itself is very old and very set in its ways. We evolve so much but there are some things we’d rather keep the way it is," she added, commenting on the need for the tattoo industry to roll with the times. "But I noticed that this not only could be one of the biggest things and newest steps in tattooing but that it can also further my clientele base."

Reportedly taking around seven years and countless testing methods to create and perfect, the employee suggested that this new ink could encourage those who may not have normally associated themselves with tattoo culture to give it a try - and really, the physical process is exactly the same as getting a regular tattoo.

“It's the same process — we have cartridges, we have machines, we have a healing process," continued Aja-Noelle. “The client gets a feel for the pain that you would get with a traditional tattoo.


So far, the studio's made-to-fade ink has been a quick hit with customers: “They’re all in awe of the tattoo being able to fade," revealed Aja-Noelle. “For artists and clients alike, this is a great environment to be in.”

After Ephemeral Tattoo's fading ink found fame on social media, the company has since raised $20m to expand into other territories - meaning it could find its way to UK tattoo enthusiasts soon enough.

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