Australian man gets his supermarket rewards card tattooed on his arm - and it works 4 months ago

Australian man gets his supermarket rewards card tattooed on his arm - and it works

A genius ahead of his time

A video of a shopper in Australia has gone viral after he showed off the tattoo of a supermarket rewards card on his arm, scanning it at the checkout to get those precious points.


In a clip shared on TikTok, shopper Ralph Rivera (@ralphrivera247) gets himself a bottle of Sprite at his local Woolworths, which is still going strong down under.

After scanning the bottle at the self-service checkout, he then leans over with his left arm. The machine registers his tattoo and tells him: "Your Everyday Rewards Card has been added.”

Ralph then smugly tells his friend "ah see", implying that his mate was unsurprisingly dubious about whether the inking would work.

@ralphrivera247Tattoo hack! Lol.♬ original sound - Ralph Rivera

Many took to the comments to voice their awe and admiration for Ralph and his incredibly practical tattoo.

One person joked that they would be getting a similar tattoo, with another writing: "How dedicated to Woolworths are you?”


Others thought that there was surely a more practical area that he could have got the tattoo, with one user commenting: "Could have at least put the tattoo in a place that doesn’t dislocate your arm using it.”

And someone else questioned whether reward card scanning was a task that really needed a solution like this, writing: "I just use an app on my phone called StoCard to store all my rewards cards. I think it's a little easier."

It's not difficult to imagine a future where this sort of body scanning idea is common place though. It may only be in a few years time that we truly appreciate the game-changing genius of Ralph and his tattoo, and how ahead of the curve he was.

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