You can now order personalised Quality Streets tins with your own choice of sweets 1 year ago

You can now order personalised Quality Streets tins with your own choice of sweets

Absolute scenes there on Christmas day

We all know the situation.


You're there on Christmas, you're all full of turkey and prosecco, you're eyeing up the box of Quality Street with an intensity that should not be reserved for classic chocolate sweets.

You eventually find the stamina to reach forward and crack open the tin for your 87th treat of the day only to discover that, to your horror, there's only orange cremes left.

Seven of them rattling down the end of the tin, alone, abandoned, not likely to be eaten by anybody because they are, in fact, the worst.


It's a scene each and every one of us is familiar with, and yet, Christmas doesn't have to be that way. Such disappointment doesn't need to occur. Because now you can personalise boxes of Quality Street ahead of time.

And yes, Christmas is saved.

Quality Street is now offering customers the opportunity to build their own tin of sweets and personalise the name included on the front of the tin - and have it delivered to their home right in time for Christmas.


The new online shop allows fans to personalise their tin with a name of choice and either select up to six different sweets or opt for the classic Quality Street mix to be delivered to their door.

Quality Street is also offering a free personalised card with every order, so if you wanted to get your gift on in an easy and socially distant way, now you can.

Just imagine - a load of toffee fingers, a load of caramel swirls, and not much else, really.

You can order yourself a personalise Quality Street tin here.