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13th Oct 2023

Woman wears full hazmat suit on Eurostar to beat bedbugs

Charlie Herbert

Eurostar bedbugs hazmat suit

‘Eurostar bedbugs are not gonna get me’

A woman has taken bedbugs prevention to the extreme by choosing to wear a hazmat suit on a recent Eurostar trip.

In recent weeks, concern has grown that a bedbug infestation may be gripping the UK after a plague of the critters hit Paris and other French cities.

In particular, there have been fears that the direct connection between the French capital and London provided by the Eurostar could be the perfect opportunity for bedbugs to cross the Channel.

So one woman was taking no risks, deciding to wear a full body hazmat suit to protect herself on a recent Eurostar trip.

She wrote over the post: “Eurostar bedbugs are not gonna get me.”

Many were impressed by the woman’s efforts to avoid spreading the bedbugs.

One person commented: “Where can I get this please, I feel unsafe”

Another said: “The rustling is so satisfying to me. It’s a constant reminder you’re winning against the bugs.”

A third added: “Thank you for your service.”

In recent days, there have been numerous sightings of bedbugs across the country, with London mayor Sadiq Khan saying the pests were a “real source of concern” for public transport in the capital.

Speaking to JOE, he said: “This is a real source of concern. People are worried about these bugs in Paris causing a problem in London.

“I want to reassure those listening that TfL [Transport for London] has the best regimes to clean our assets on a nightly basis. We are speaking to our friends in Paris to see if there are any lessons to be learned but for a variety of reasons we don’t think those issues will arise in London; but there is no complacency from TfL.”

Despite experts saying last week that bedbugs had settled in the UK some time ago, hysteria around the insect continues to spread.

Over the weekend a London commuter made headlines after posting a video on TikTok claiming they were “thriving on the Vicky Line“. Almost two million people have now seen it.

And on Tuesday, The Sun reported that the bugs had been spotted on a bus window in Manchester, suggesting they had now spread to another major UK city from the capital.

For more information about bedbugs, what to do if you’re bitten by them and how to get rid of them click here.

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