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06th Jul 2018

Woman suffers horror injuries after England fan throws pint during Colombia win

Wayne Farry

She wanted to show “the effects and repercussions” of fans throwing glasses in a crowd

A woman has revealed the injuries she has obtained after an England fan threw a pint class across a pub in celebration when Tottenham Hotpsur’s Eric Dier scored the winning penalty to seal England’s progress to the World Cup quarter-finals.

Zoey Louise Johansson took to social media with images of the injuries she picked up on July 3 after the game.

The woman was watching the game between Gareth Southgate’s side and the South Americans in a pub, and fans erupted in wild celebration after England’s first World Cup penalty shoot-out victory in history.

Discussing the incident on her Facebook page, Johansson revealed that she wanted to show “the effects and repercussions” of fans throwing glasses in a crowd, a trend which has been seen among fans throughout the tournament.

“I’m not posting this for any sympathy or attention, I just want to show you the effects and repercussions of what throwing glass objects in a crowd can do,” she said.

“Tuesday 3rd July I was watching the England vs Columbia match in a pub in Yarm. When England scored the last penalty the entire pub erupted in celebration. Pint glasses and glass bottles were being thrown in all directions, unfortunately I got caught in the cross fire and my forehead was split open, narrowly missing my eye.

“I spent the remainder of the night in A&E where they told me the laceration was so deep it had cut through the muscle and nerves. They informed me I would need plastic surgery to repair the wound and the likelihood of having feeling above my right eye again was slim to none.

“After almost 48 hours with no sleep and over 20 hours with no food or drink I finally went down to theatre last night. Thankfully the operation went well and I’m on the way to recovery however if the glass had hit me any lower I’d have lost the sight in my right eye.

“It takes you 1 second to throw your glass yet I’m left with a lasting scar on my face. Please use your own head and think before potentially ruining someone else’s x”