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08th Jan 2017

A woman stabbed her lover for eating all her chips

Erm, what?

Cassie Delaney

A woman who was overcome by rage after her boyfriend ate her chips has been jailed for 26 weeks.

According to Metro, Dianne Margaret Clayton, a 34-year-old woman from Lancashire was with her boyfriend Simon Hill at a friend’s house last November.

The couple had been invited for drinks and homemade chips. Clayton appeared at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court yesterday and admitted that she flew into an incandescent rage upon realizing Hill had eaten all the chips. Clayton slapped her partner in the face before picking up a knife and stabbing Hill in the shoulder, the court heard.

The couple are said to have left the house and returned home. Later, Hill returned to the house where the incident had occurred and stayed the night.

Prosecuting Parveen Akhtar described the events.

“Simon Hill ate them all and that caused her to get angry. She was seen to slap him across the face before leaving the room. She picked up a knife in the kitchen and then stabbed him, causing a superficial injury,” said Akhtar.

Clayton returned to the scene of the incident the day after the assault.

“She returned the following morning and Mr Hill suffered injuries to his hands,” explained Akhtar.

Defending Richard Prew said the incident was heightened due to alcohol and that Clayton doesn’t remember much of the evening.

“She has some injuries herself which she can’t explain,” he said.