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16th Nov 2023

Woman slammed for glamourising homelessness after quitting job to live in car

Nina McLaughlin

A woman has been slammed for ‘glamourising homelessness’ after she quit her job to live in her car

Monica Maragos decided to quit her day job, and begin living in her Toyota Camry as of May 2022.

The American has shared her experience widely on social media.

”I only had about $5,000 (£4k) in my bank account a month before I gave up everything and planned to live on the road full time. I was prepared to leave and live off that for 5 months.

”I ended up getting approved for egg donation right before leaving Florida which added 10,000 in my savings.

”With my only bills being car payment, car insurance, phone bill, gym membership and Spotify, my total cost of living comfortably each month including food and gas has been about $1600 (£1.2k) a month,” she recently said, via The Sun.

Maragos takes up the occasional odd job, including pet sitting and helping out friends with various projects.

She has also donated another one of her eggs, which meant she could add another £8k to her savings.

Despite her savings, Maragos has admitted that she has begun to turn to influencing as a financial stream.

She insists that she is ‘happiest owning nothing’.

”Having a healthy body that allows me to explore is what wealth actually is.

”I belong outside – every single day.”

However, Maragos has faced criticism from followers for her content.

One user slammed her content, writing: ”I had to sleep in my car and was too poor to run the heat.

”I literally got iced in my car one time it was so cold . The glamourizing living out of a car is ridiculous.

”Not being able to shower regularly or really wash your face so no make up and pretty hair. It was rough.”

A second pointed out that the Instagrammer was not sharing all of the realities of living in your car.

They wrote: ”Girl claims to “own nothing” but is no doubt showering and taking care of hygiene in gyms or hotels.

”Long hair and balayage highlights. Her seasonal clothes in storage.

”Probably has a nice big family home to go back to when things get tough.”

”It’s always these white girls that have rich parents that go on live out of a van or car since mommy and daddy will always make sure they are financially secured. It’s like a broken record,”  a third put.