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09th Jun 2024

Woman shares haunting final selfie before being murdered on date

Ryan Price

The 24-year-old was dismembered and disposed of using garbage bags.

A woman who was murdered on a Tinder date had shared a selfie to her Snapchat hours earlier expressing excitement for the romantic meet-up.

According to KMTV3 News, Sydney Loofe from Lincoln, Nebraska has posted the picture on Snapchat on November 15 with the caption: “Ready for my date”, accompanied by a heart-eyes emoji.

Tragically, this photo would be the last one Sydney ever sent. She met then-23-year-old Bailey Boswell, who, along with her 51-year-old boyfriend Aubrey Trail, is believed to have orchestrated her abduction and murder.

Police discovered that Loofe had connected with Boswell on the popular dating app, Tinder.

CCTV footage captured the pair purchasing tools that police believe were used to dismember Sydney’s body after luring her to their apartment.

Weeks later, the 24-year-old hardware store clerk’s remains were found in garbage bags dumped in a field near Edgar, approximately 90 miles southwest of Lincoln.

It was later confirmed by a medical examiner that the young victim had been cut into 14 pieces and all of her internal organs were removed before her remains were scattered by Trail and Boswell.

Shortly after Loofe’s disappearance, Boswell and Trail initially posted a video to a Facebook page entitled ‘Finding Sydney Loofe’, in which they maintained their innocence.

Boswell said in the video she and Loofe did drugs at her house before she dropped Loofe off at a friend’s house. Boswell said they had planned to go to a casino that weekend, but she hadn’t heard from Loofe since.

The video was a deleted a few hours after it was posted.

Boswell was convicted in 2020 of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and improper disposal of human remains in the death of Loofe.

Boswell’s co-defendant and boyfriend at the time of the killing, 58-year-old Aubrey Trail, was convicted of the same charges in 2019 and sentenced to death in 2021.

Trail had confessed to strangling Sydney with an extension cord and, along with Boswell, dismembering and disposing of her body.

During an appeal held earlier this year at Nebraska Supreme Court, Boswell challenged the admission of evidence by prosecutors in her trial, including photographs of Loofe’s dismembered body, arguing the gruesome photos served only to turn the jury against her.

Boswell also objected to the testimony of several women who said Trail and Boswell had talked of occult fantasies and had expressed a desire to sexually torture and kill women.

Boswell’s defense attorney argued at her trial that she was forced by Trail to go along with the killing and dismemberment of Loofe.

At the end of the hearing, Justice Stephanie Stacy wrote for the high court’s unanimous ruling that “there is no merit to any of Boswell’s assigned errors regarding the trial court’s evidentiary rulings.”

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