Woman 'jumped into Thames after missing boy but only found his school bag' 1 month ago

Woman 'jumped into Thames after missing boy but only found his school bag'

The boy fell into the river on Tuesday morning

Onlookers have described how they tried to save a school pupil who fell from Tower Bridge into the Thames, but were only able to find his school bag.


A woman jumped in after the boy having seen him fall into the river, eyewitnesses have told the Sun.

A builder on a nearby site told the paper: "We all heard him screaming for help. Then a woman who was just walking past with her boyfriend grabbed a float and jumped into the river."

‘The woman jumped in seconds after but all she could bring back was his school jacket and his bag. I saw police going through the bag and it had his school books and stationary in it, he was clearly very young."

Police have confirmed that they are still looking for the boy and have launched an "intensive search."

A spokesperson for the City of London Police said they were "leading an investigation into a missing person, working alongside our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Service.

"We believe this is linked to an incident where a child fell into the Thames from Tower Bridge. Despite an intensive search by City of London Police, the police helicopter and marine units, this person has not yet been found."