Government to refuse Windrush generation members UK citizenship 3 years ago

Government to refuse Windrush generation members UK citizenship

Some of those rejected are said to have failed because they don't fulfil the 'necessary good character requirement'

An unspecified number of members of the Windrush generation are to be refused British citizenship, Home Secretary Sajid Javid has now confirmed.


Although a task force has been in place to secure the rights of those who came to the United Kingdom from the Caribbean from 1948 to 1971, some applications are still to be turned down on the basis that they have provided insufficient evidence that they have lived in the country since 1973.

In addition, a number of the Windrush generation are likely to see their application fail due to previous criminal offences.

"The Windrush generation have helped build this country as they themselves have built a life here," said Mr. Javid to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Friday afternoon.


"I am appalled by what some people have been through but am delighted that our task force is helping so many people to establish their right to be here and gain British citizenship.

"We are doing all we can to gather the information needed to enable applications to be processed successfully and quickly."

According to the Home Secretary, the creation of the Windrush Scheme at the end of May had led to 2,121 people successfully applying to become UK nationals from the post-war generation.

Javid continued: "We are looking for reasons to grant rather than refuse but we need to ensure that only those who should be benefiting from this scheme are benefiting.


"All refusals have followed careful and deliberate consideration. No decision has been taken lightly and applicants will be able to have the refusal reviewed free of charge if they disagree."

It has also been confirmed that a free appeal process will be opened to those who disagree with the decision made on their citizenship rights.