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21st Jul 2022

White House forced to issue statement following Joe Biden’s suggestion he has cancer

Danny Jones

Does Biden have cancer?

The POTUS’ health has been a subject of much debate even before he took office

The White House has had to issue a clarification following President Joe Biden‘s most recent speech, in which he not only referred to Glasgow as part of England but also seemed to suggest that he has cancer.

Addressing crowds and the media outside a now-closed power station in Somerset, Massachusetts on July 20, the US President was discussing the next steps his government intend to take in tackling climate change, as well as reflecting on the harmful impact of carbon emissions from similar refineries when he was growing up.

However, as he began discussing memories of oil slick coating the windscreen of his family car on the way to his school in Delaware, he remarked: “that’s why I and so damn many other people who I grew up [with] have cancer and why for the longest time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation.”

White House officials have since stated that the president was referring to his previous cancer diagnosis which was revealed by a physician back in 2021, though they insist he was treated for the disease before he ever took office.

Dr Kevin O’Connor, a retired army colonel who has served as Biden’s personal doctor for more than 13 years, stated in a report that the president had several “localized, non-melanoma skin cancers” which were removed before entering the Oval Office. You can see a summary of the report below.

Nevertheless, Biden’s current health and mental acuity, which is widely perceived to be failing both by Republican opposition and many of those on his side of the aisle, remains a cause for concern in the US.

It was only back in June that Biden accidentally revealed yet another cheat sheet put together by his personal staff as they look to reduce his public gaffes, with the 79-year-old regularly mumbling, appearing confused and losing his place on the teleprompter.

Moreover, as mentioned above, his performance in the speech overall wasn’t helped by the fact that he referred to the COP26 as having taken place in “Glasgow, England” before quickly correcting himself.

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