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10th Sep 2015

Which nation boast the best foreign fans coming to watch British football?

The top 5 have been revealed...

Ben Kenyon

You can’t help admire die hard fans following their club home and away, week in and week out.

We salute fans of Carlisle United making the journey to Plymouth or Exeter – or anywhere really, and those hardy Brighton and Hove Albion fans  making the trip to Middlesbrough on a rainy Tuesday night.

But there’s something particularly admirable about fans who cross oceans, take international flights or make ludicrous 12-hour trips across national boundaries to watch their team.

According to new statistics from Visit Britain, there are literally hundreds of thousands of foreign football fanatics making these trips every year.

While the Republic of Ireland topping the list won’t surprise you (although 121,000 is pretty awesome), there was an incredible 150,000 from Scandinavian nations Norway and Sweden and an even more mind-boggling 53,000 all the way from the USA.

Another 43,000 from the Netherlands would rather watch British football than the Dutch leagues, it appears.

Well done guys…