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03rd Jan 2017

Ridiculous 40-lane traffic jam in China puts anything the M1 has in the shade

Think your commute to work is bad.

Conor Heneghan

Thought your commute to work this morning was bad? Trust us, it was nothing on this.

Thousands upon thousands of people returned to work on Tuesday after some time off after Christmas, many of whom no doubt encountered heavy traffic on their way into their place of business.

Bad and all as it might have been in traffic blackspots here, however, we’re pretty sure it was nothing compared to traffic in Beijing as commuters made their way back to the city on Monday.

Imagine being stuck in this?

Clip via People’s Daily, China

It didn’t do much for the smog levels in the city either.

Clip via Chas Pope

Next time you’re complaining about total gridlock, maybe console yourself with the fact that it could be worse.